RTA Health and Safety Policies

As institutions across the country and around the world continue to adapt to changing information concerning public health and safety, we at Red Team Alliance are also continuously evolving our policies to ensure that our training programs remain as accessible as possible to as many students as possible while taking reasonable steps to keep all class participants, as well as our employees, safe. This page contains our most up-to-date details and requirements for participation in Red Team Alliance classes at our in-person spaces in Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, or hosted venues reserved and operated by RTA.


Vaccination - Most venues and events in the United States have largely stopped checking vaccine status as a condition of entry entry, owing at least partly to the knowledge that the vaccines now serve more to prevent severe disease than to curtail community transmission. In accordance with strong recommendations by doctors and public health officials, all in-person students attending Red Team Alliance classes are advised to be fully vaccinated with any of the COVID-19 vaccines currently approved by the Centers for Disease Control a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date of the RTA event that they will be attending. All Red Team Alliance staff are vaccinated and we strongly recommend full vaccination as well as booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for all visitors to our facilities, however RTA does not require students to transmit a copy of their vaccination card as part of the class enrollment process.


Rapid Testing - Red Team Alliance equips our facilities with COVID-19 rapid tests which can be administered and processed in approximately 15 minutes time. Individuals attending RTA facilities or events will be offered a rapid test upon their arrival and we ask that participants who have not had a COVID test in the past several days to self-test before the start of class. Likewise, if during the course of an RTA training or event a participant develops symptoms, receives an electronic exposure notification, or otherwise feels that they may have been at risk for contracting COVID, additional rapid tests are always on hand for their use.

If a COVID-19 rapid test result is negative for a student at an RTA facility, they are welcome to take their seat and participate with us on-site. Masking is optional and Red Team Alliance maintains an inventory of face masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective products for all staff and visitors.

If a COVID-19 rapid test result is positive for a student at an RTA facility, a choice presents itself: They may choose to either reschedule their participation for a future offering of their selected training course or, alternatively, the student may be converted to "virtual participation" and join the other virtual students enrolled in the class. The student can be provisioned with a set of tools and equipment like the hardware shipped to other virtual students in advance of class. The student will then retire to their hotel or other off-site location and connect via Zoom credentials provided via email. At the conclusion of class, the student will have the option to either return the additional hardware or to purchase it should they wish to retain the virtual class kit.


Air Filtering - Red Team Alliance facilities have been equipped with HEPA filters. These filters will be running at all times during class.


Ongoing Protection - For multi-day or multi-week duration trainings and events, rapid testing options will continue to be available while supplies last for any student or staff member who receives a COVID-19 exposure notification, develops symptoms, or otherwise wishes to check their status.


These measures concerning vaccination, masking, air filtration, rapid testing, and more are in place not only to protect students and staff during their time within our walls at RTA facilities but also to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 during travel after class and to protect others such as the co-workers, family, and friends whom our students and staff will encounter once they return home after course completion. We thank you for your adherence to these guidelines and we are always here if you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 safety at Red Team Alliance.


Notes Concerning Allergies - Red Team Alliance makes a variety of food and beverages available to staff and students in the designated break area during class. Sometimes these food and drink offerings may contain ingredients such as: dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, and other products to which someone may have a sensitivity. It is the responsibility of all visitors to RTA facilities to be mindful of which complimentary products they are consuming and to maintain on their person any medical intervention(s) recommended by their doctor in case of exposure to substances which may provoke an allergic reaction. If a student who is enrolled in one of our on-site classes has particularly acute allergic reactions to specific substances, RTA asks that they please inform us a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of class so that all best effort may be made to adjust and restrict the amenities on offer in the break area accordingly.

If a participant in a Red Team Alliance training wishes to attend one of our on-site events in the company of a service animal, we can generally accommodate this but do request that we may be informed, ideally a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of class so that additional notification may be communicated to the other class participants such that they may best manage any allergy concerns. Red Team Alliance spaces are adjacent to ample outdoor break areas where pet relief can be addressed; we ask that waste be policed and disposed of in trash outdoor receptacles or flushed in bathrooms using toilet-safe waste bags.

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